Jonathan Foulger

Foulger looks into social issues in the UK, most often outside the boundaries of conventional urban life. Mainly, he focuses on issues of lack and absence in less luxurious communities.

He strikes up a rapport with his subject through his humanistic approach to their condition and feels that this non-judgmental approach brings out the best in the people he is in contact with.

One of Foulger's recent projects, "The Simon Community," is taken at a London based charity based at St. Joseph's House which is non government funded and relies solely on donations. He has produced a series of portraits of volunteers who work, and some of whom live, at the home. The project focuses on each unique individual, all the while demonstrating a unity to their crisis: there is little distinction between them. By placing each of them seated on the sofa in the front room of St Joseph's house, sat to one side with an empty space next to them, Foulger magnifies their solitude making space for the absence which defines the plight of homelessness.

After receiving the National Media Museum Photography Award for his project, Foulger's work was featured in The Big Issue, where his subject resonated with the readers and suppliers of the publication, showing the power of his images and the permeation of his rapport and sensitivity to his subjects.

Foulger lives and works in the northwest of England, and continues to apply a similar style to more recent work documenting fathers who have lost custody of their children.

Jonathan Foulger born in Hyde, Lancashire in 1967.

Based in the North West of England.


Contemporary Photography Practice, Cheshire College

Selected Exhibitions:

Exposure, James Hyman Photography, London

The Cube Gallery, Manchester

Selected Awards:

Bradford National Media Museum Bursary Award

The Big Issue
F2 Freelance Photographer
Free Press

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