Varin Frères

Varin Frères
The Varin brothers were early amateurs from a family of engravers, illustrators and lithographers from Chalons-sur-Marne. Their own lithographic and engraving was abundant and of great quality including illustrations, landscapes and reproductions of art works. Amedee and Adolphe Varin were tutored by the painters Monvoisin and Mulard and learnt gravure from Geoffrat et Rouargue. From the end of the 1830s the two brothers started to produce more than a dozen engravings. Amedee worked above all with Eugene from 1847 in a strong collaboration with the publishing house Goupil for the reproduction of his tableaux. The two practiced paper printing from 1852 until 1880. Some of their first images are from 1853 at La Rochelle where their sister Claire lived from 1848. These are mostly portraits and views of boats. The following year they took as their subject the architecture of Bordeaux, Tour and Reims. In 1854 they produced an album of 51 salt prints from paper negatives in entitled Vues de Reims which they gave to the Bibliotheque Nationale and which was edited by Quentin Dailly in the same year. One of the best examples of these includes 114 plates and was bequeathed from the collection of Roger Therond to the Musee d'Orsay. These images were inspired by Blanquart-Evrard's views and other similar provincial views showing remarkable perspectives of villages as well as ancient monuments. Many of their finest works show the port and old buildings of La Rochelle, the port-resort in Western France. Often the two brothers are present in each others' photographs. After 1856 they worked with glass plate negatives.

Varin Freres

Pierre-Amedee born

Pierre-Adolphe born

Eugene-Napoleon born

Amedee and Adolphe start to produce engravings

Adolphe works primarily with Eugene, collaborating with Goupil publishing house

Adolphe and Eugene engaged in paper printing

Adolphe and Eugene produce album of salted paper prints entitled Vue de Reims

Both brothers work in glass plate negatives

Pierre-Amedee dies

Pierre-Adolphe dies

Eugene-Napoleon dies

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