Giraudon's Artist

Giraudon's Artist
Very little is known about the photographer who created the pastoral scenes that are now attributed to 'Giraudon's Artist'.
Giraudon presumably commissioned these photographic genre studies from an artist active near Barbizon as the imagery and compositions directly echoes that of Millet and other Barbizon painters.
Despite the mounting and stamping of several of these prints, which suggest a publishing venture, these works are extremely rare. None were found in the Giraudon archives, nor in sales catalogues of the period. In the nineteenth century few Giraudon's Artist photographs were acquired by institutions and and in the twentieth century the work remained virtually unknown until some groups of works appeared in the past 30 years.
Few Giraudon's Artist photographs were acquired by institutions in the 19th Century and the work remained largely unknown until the 1980s.
The Hyman Collection holds several prints by Giraudon's Artist as well as what is believed to be the only major collection of original glass plate negatives.

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