David Bomberg 1890-1957

David Bomberg was one of the most audacious painters of his generation at the Slade. His treatment of the human figure, in terms of angular, clear-cut forms combined with enormous energy, shows his determination to bring about a drastic renewal in British painting.

The direction taken by his art brought him into contact with Wyndham Lewis and the Vorticists, but Bomberg resisted Lewis's attempts to enlist him as a member of the movement.

In 1915 Bomberg enlisted in the Royal Engineers, and his traumatic experiences at the Front brought about a profound transformation in his outlook. Bomberg moved to a more figurative style in the 1920s. His disillusion with the destructive power of the machine at war led to a few years spent experimenting with ways of making his stark pre-war style more rounded and organic.

Throughout the 1930s Bomberg's art became broader and more expressive as he sought to convey the essence of his response to landscapes in Scotland and Spain. This work met with little approval in Britain.

His last years were darkened by the realization that his art remained overlooked in Britain. His final landscapes and figure paintings include some of his most powerful works.

Born in Birmingham on 5 December

Apprenticeship to lithographer Paul Fischer, which he left in 1908 to pursue his training as an artist.

Evening classes at the City and Guilds School and at Westminster School of Art. Taught by Sickert.

Gained place at the Slade School of Fine Art, London, helped by John Singer Sargent and the Jewish Education Aid Society. Won a certificate for drawing in1912.

Acclaim for works such as In the Hold and Ju-Jitsu.

Founder member of the London Group. Met Picasso, Modigliani, and Kisling in Paris.

Served in Royal Engineers.

Left for Palestine.

Undertook six-month expedition to Petra.

Return from Palestine.

First visit to Spain.

Visited Morocco and the Greek Islands.

Painting expeditions to Scotland and Derbyshire with painter Lilian Holt, who later became his wife.

Six-month visit to Russia.

Spent 18 months in Spain.

Taught drawing at the Borough Polytechnic, London.

Painting expedition to Exmoor and North Devon.

Obtained a teaching post at a school in Dagenham.

Taught drawing one day a week at the Bartlett School of Architecture.

Formation of the Borough Group; a few pupils grouped around Bomberg.

Visit to Cyprus.

Formation of the Borough Bottega.

Lived in Spain.

Fell ill in Spain, taken to hospital in Gibraltar and died in London on the 19th August.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

First one-man show at the Chenil Galleries, Chelsea.

Heal's Mansard Gallery, London

Leicester Galleries, London

Ruskin Gallery, Birmingham

Bloomsbury Gallery, London

Cooling Galleries, London

Leger Gallery, London

Gillian Jason Gallery, London

Retrospective at the Tate Gallery, London

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