Giorgio Sommer: The Stones of Pompeii

05.02.2014 • 28.02.2014

Giorgio Sommer: The Stones of Pompeii


Following our previous exhibitions Broken Stones and Sermons in Stone that addressed the enduring fascination with ancient ruins, we are pleased to present an exhibition of rare early photographs of Pompeii.

Giorgio Sommer was one of the most active photographers in mid-19th century Italy and was the most famous documenter of the ruins of Pompeii. Sommer's small scale prints, stereo views, and cartes de visite were widely available and did much to popularise Pompeii. The large format images that are the subject of this exhibition, however, are extremely rare and are held by very few museums.

The prints in the exhibition are in exceptional condition, having been kept in storage for over a century, and are being exhibited for the first time at James Hyman Gallery.

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