Typical Girls. Photographs by Caroline Coon and Roberta Bayley

25.04.2016 • 29.04.2016

Typical Girls. Photographs by Caroline Coon and Roberta Bayley


In commemoration of the fortieth anniversary of Punk and the anthem Anarchy in the UK James Hyman Gallery presents a special exhibition of photographs of this seminal period of cultural history. Taking its title from a song by The Slits, Typical Girls, the exhibition focuses on photographs by two women who were intimates of the bands that they depicted: Caroline Coon, who managed The Clash, and Roberta Bayley, who was at the heart of New York's CBGB club scene.Hyman comments: Punk was a seminal moment, not just for music, but also culturally and sociologically. So, on the fortieth anniversary of its heyday, we are delighted to offer these photographs of many of the main protagonists by two figures that were at its centre in London and New York.

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