Lewis Chamberlain. Things that Go

19.09.2007 • 27.10.2007

Lewis Chamberlain. Things that Go

Lewis Chamberlain. Things that Go installation view

Lewis Chamberlain. Things that Go installation view


James Hyman Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of recent paintings and drawings by Lewis Chamberlain.

This exhibition follows Chamberlain's highly acclaimed first solo exhibition at the gallery four years ago.

Paintings and drawings by Chamberlain can take up to four years to complete so this is a rare opportunity to view the artist's latest, painstakingly produced works, including his largest painting to date.

Chamberlain (b.1966) graduated from the Slade School of Art in 1988, since when his disquieting works, often of children's toys and a mannequin in contrived settings, have combined intense realism with fantasy, marrying a psychological charge to a sense of orchestrated calm. Inspired by artists such as Giorgio De Chirico, Balthus, Lucian Freud and Antonio Lopez Garcia, Lewis Chamberlain has explained that:

I don't think there is any nostalgia, but to some extent my pictures work with memory or atmosphere. But I'm not recreating any specific scenes from my pastMy work is based on close scrutiny of life, sometimes up to four years of it. Everything is important, everything has its place. As an artist, you place these objects together, then you study and consider different possibilities and then undertake the process of rendering the image. The rest is up to the viewerIt is satisfying to motivate people to read things into my work. It is not, however, about story-telling, not about illustrating scenes. There is no narrative, no plot, no single message. The subject matter may suggest that an incident has taken place, or is about to take place, albeit in a separate self-contained world. There are hints, visual clues, a certain mood, the dominant one being rather tense, expectant, uneasy, but not intentionally sinister. I would hope, however, that humour is not entirely absent.based on close scrutiny, these paintings are deeply artificial and are often staged using sets constructed in the studio. Things that Go, Chamberlain's largest painting is typical of this contrived realism. At once faithful to the artist's surroundings, it presents a constellation of things that go to transport the viewer on a journey of the imagination.

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