James Hyman at Frieze Masters 2012

James Hyman at Frieze Masters 2012


James Hyman Gallery is pleased to present a specially curated exhibition of the highest quality masterpieces of photography and fine art for the first ever annual Frieze Masters international art fair launching in London this October.

Approximately 70 of the world's leading galleries will show work made before the 21st Century, ranging from antiquities to old masters and the art of the 20th Century.

The fair will coincide with Frieze Art Fair, the world's leading contemporary art fair in Regents Parks from 11-14 October.

The fair will include a programme of talks in which major artists, critics and curators will draw out relationships between contemporary and historical art. It will also forge relationships with international museums.

In the words of Nicholas Penny, Director of the National Gallery in London:

"Frieze Masters will attract the world's most adventurous and imaginative art collectors to London. The fair is designed to revolutionise the relationship between ancient and modern, old and new. It should galvanise London's art museums and galleries and help them to benefit from the occasion. The National Gallery (founded partly to inspire living artists) is delighted to support this venture."

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