Fast Forward: Women in Photography Panel with Anna Fox

Fast Forward: Women in Photography Panel with Anna Fox


Anna Fox will be taking part in a panel discussion entitled 'Fast Forward: Women in Photography' at the Tate Modern on 12 April, 2014.

This panel launches a new research initiative on women and photography at UCA Farnham and brings together an international line up of photographers and curators to discuss key questions emerging from the work of women photographers today. Fast Forward: Women and Photography is a precursor to a larger international symposium taking place in 2015.

Considering the history of debates on women and photography both internationally and nationally, this panel will examine the changing place of women in the history of photography and within its institutions.
Some of the questions discussed are:

What are the themes being worked on by women in photography?
How can we ensure the work of women in photography is recognised and recorded?
Is it still relevant today to separate work by women?
What developments over the last twenty years have changed the way photographic work by women is contextualised?

Brett Rogers (Director of the Photographers Gallery)
Clare Strand
Anna Fox

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