Anna Fox. 41 Hewitt Road. Special Boxed Set

Anna Fox. 41 Hewitt Road. Special Boxed Set


This boxed set of 20 images from Anna Fox's 41 Hewitt Road series has been published in an edition of five on Hahnemühle Ultra Smooth Photo Rag 300gsm paper.
Paper size 42.7 x 29.7 cms.
Published by James Hyman Gallery
January 2010

Price £6,000

In 1996, Anna Fox, her family and a number of lodgers moved into 41 Hewitt Road, a large, rambling Victorian house in Haringey, North London. The house was like any other house in the ladder streets above Finsbury Park, cracked paint crumbling walls and riddled with cockroaches. Anna photographed constantly and Cockroach Diary was made during the time that she lived here. This series of photographs, simply titled 41 Hewitt Road shows the house as if abandoned, no people, just evidence of their presence. Photographs of corners, cupboards, mantel pieces, bathrooms, piles of possessions, souvenirs, cryptic notes and phone numbers scratched on the walls, the strange hieroglyphics of children allowed to write where they please. A gold plastic cherub crowns a child's blue crayon drawing of hospital doors a memory from birth claims its author Felix Fox. The only signs of life are the worms brought in by the cat and the tulip left on the mantelpiece. It is as if some wandering archaeologist has come across the markings of an old sect or tribe, artefacts, objects with an idiosyncratic past, messages making up an inconsequential narrative.
Who did live here?
It's hard to identify them
Look at the anarchy of what they owned, collected, scattered and discarded
Who found this place?

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