From Talbot to Fox. 150 Years of British Social Photography

From Talbot to Fox. 150 Years of British Social Photography


From Talbot to Fox is an overview of British social photography, which coincides with the 20th Anniversary of the Museum of Modern Art Exhibition British Photography from the Thatcher Years.

Curated by Susan Kismaric, the 1991 MOMA exhibition drew attention to a new wave of British photographers who were not only engaged with the transformation of British society during the Thatcher years, but also in many cases placed colour photography at the centre of their practice.

In order to build on this earlier New York exhibition, James Hyman Photography's AIPAD exhibition and accompanying From Talbot to Fox broadens the range of photographers shown in order to provide a wider historical and geographical context.

Starting with the earliest photographers, the publication explores the importance of class and identifies themes such as work and leisure, the urban and the rural environment, wealth and poverty, home and away, and war and peace to explore not only Britain's changing society but also the development of different photographic approaches to this environment.

The publication includes work by the following photographers amongst others:

William Henry Fox Talbot
David Octavius Hill & Robert Adamson
Roger Fenton
Horatio Ross
Julia Margaret Cameron
Thomas Annan
Bill Brandt
Bert Hardy
Roger Mayne
Cecil Beaton
Caroline Coon
Paul Reas
Jem Southam
Ken Grant
Karen Knorr
Anna Fox

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