Alan Davie: Variations on a Theme

16 August 2017 - 31 August 2018

To coincide with the Edinburgh Festival James Hyman is pleased to present the second of three exhibitions devoted to the greatest Scottish artists of the 20th century.

Alan Davie. Variations on a Theme presents for sale, for the first time, individual prints from the special boxed set of screen prints commissioned from Alan Davie by the gallery.

Each picture is individually signed and numbered and comes in an edition of just 34.

Individual pictures are priced at £250 each and the boxed set of all 34 signed prints is available priced at £6,500.

Discussing his drawing technique, in a series of letters exchanged with James Hyman Alan Davie writes:

"I have been making drawings with a brush on paper for many years - often laying out say ten sheets on the floor. On each I make a mark or simplified form, but each time in a different place. Then I continue to add another, repeated on each page, but in a different direction - over and over. Inevitably this results in a series of variations on an evolving theme, through spontaneous improvisation. In this way, many ideas for paintings have been discovered, and eventually carried forward in different scales and media - often leading to a series of variations on a single theme, which originally evolved from drawings."

(Alan Davie in "Introduction", Alan Davie, exhibition catalogue, James Hyman Fine Art, London, 2003, p. 6)

Prices start from just £250