Ange Eugene Henri Mailand 1807-1872


Mailand was a founding member of the SFP and its first secretary and later treasurer. He was an avid art collector and photographer after retiring as a notary in 1849. The Societe Heliographique gives no mention of him, but from 1854 there is evidence of his work in the Societe photographique europeenne.

It is believed that he may have been one of the first students of Le Gray or that he learned photography from Le Gray's intermediary Charles Chevalier who mentions having been in contact with him since 1846. Using waxed paper negatives, Mailand was active mainly in the Pyrenees where he may have crossed paths with other photographers of the Pau School including Lyte, Heilmann and Stewart. He exhibited these works in the SFP in 1855, 1857 and 1859, as well as in Brussels in 1856 and 1857 and in London in 1862.

In 1857, Mailand was listed alongside other photographers who were still favouring paper negatives, rather than glass plates but he did occasionally use wet collodion glass negatives. His vast collection of modern and ancient prints and art books was sold off in a sale in 1881 but the sale does not mention the photographs.


Twelve Salt Prints of the Pyrenees - Ange Eugene Henri Mailand

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