Michael Andrews Landscapes

6 June - 29 July 2005

James Hyman Gallery is pleased to announce our representation of the Estate of Michael Andrews. To mark this, we will be staging an exhibition of paintings and watercolours from the Estate, opening on June 6.

Many of these works have not previously been exhibited.

Michael Andrews (1929 -95), who died ten years ago this July, was one of the greatest British painters of the twentieth century. He was also one of the least prolific artists, making this exhibition a rare opportunity to see works, many of which have not previously been exhibited.

Indeed as Frank Auerbach writes in the accompanying publication: 

"Each work of his is a separate invention; the transformation of complex subjects so poetic, the formal allusions so subtle and varied, the structural scaffolding so subsumed, that the insensitive have sometimes found his work bland. It is, in fact, the product of extreme sensibility, extreme good manners and extreme conscience."

This exhibition will focus on the artist's engagement with landscapes from his youth in Norwich to mid career landscapes made in England and Scotland to his final paintings of the Thames.

Many of the works will be for sale.

The exhibition is accompanied by an extensively illustrated publication that also includes a specially commissioned new text by Frank Auerbach.