Patrick Heron 1920-1999

Patrick Heron, best known as a painter, was also a textile designer and successful art critic.

Heron lived at St Ives between 1925 and 1930 and later went onto study at the Slade School. Heron's first one-man exhibition in London was at the Redfern Gallery in 1947 and in New York at the Bertha Schaefer Gallery in 1960. He was an art critic to the New Statesman and Nation 1947-50, and London correspondent to Arts (New York) 1955-8. 1956 Heron turned to abstract art paralleling recent American abstract painting and moved the same year to Zennor, Cornwall. Heron is the author of The Changing Forms of Art 1955, Ivon Hitchens 1955 and Braque 1956.